Over the past years, contact center service providers have been giving career opportunities to many Filipinos. It started way back 1992 and continuously grew in the succeeding years.

But how would you know if you can make a successful career in the contact center industry?

First things first, you need to understand the difference between the careers available in the industry. Being a call center agent does not mean that you will be only talking to the customers; you will give necessary solutions to their problems over different media platforms.

In addition, you could also be a customer service representative or a technical support representative and knowing the difference between the two could lead you to a career that you could enjoy and excel at.

Evaluate yourself and be honest in doing it. Know your skills. Are you good at establishing mood conversation or are you a tech savvy individual? Technical support service providers need to be detail-oriented; however both tech support and customer support representatives must be very good at listening, understanding and can effectively explain concepts and procedures even for those who aren’t technically inclined. It is like simplifying the complex ideas for customers to understand and follow over phone, through chat, or through email.

There are also things you can and cannot easily do, so take note of the important skills needed in contact center service providers. Technically, you must be knowledgeable about the relevant software applications and equipment in a computer. You must know the basics of computer hardware, software and network. This includes installing and uninstalling software and processes.

But what makes being a technical support service representative a more challenging job is that you need to determine the problem and find a solution for it over a phone call or email support. Since you are not physically present to directly know the cause of the problem, you will need to determine it through your customer himself. For instance, if he has problems opening his unit, asking him about the service tag is the first thing you can do. You can then follow up by asking him about the things that happened before the inconvenience. There may be applications installed improperly or just an unplugged cable connection that caused the problem. There are a lot of possibilities; you just need to know where to lead.

Lastly, consider the work environment. Since you might be holding international accounts where the time zone is different, working on graveyard shift is possible. Mind that being a customer and technical support service agent requires a sound mind and body. If, for instance, you have health conditions that might affect your performance in this kind of work, it is fine to reconsider.

Contact center service providers positively contribute to the economic growth. Moreover, monthly hiring shows that there is a continuous need for dedicated supervisors and managers which means a good thing to your career growth. A manager typically starts as a customer or technical support service agent. Yes, it is possible to reach the high ladder with your dedication and passion.