Working as an inbound call center agent is both an opportunity and a challenge to your finances. Yes, you get a high salary but like any other industry, being financially free comes from how you handle your resources.


Being exposed to today’s luxury of life, sometimes saving money is the last thing inbound call center agents and other employees consider to do. No matter how high your salary is, saving is still important for it allows you to reward yourself in the future than that of immediate gratification you get from impulse buying.


Here are some money-saving tips you can do if you want to live a financially healthy life.


List all your expenses…

…and make it a habit. This is for you to track down your expenses. Keep a small notebook and a pen with you every time. If you are not into bringing a notebook with you to track your expenses, you could otherwise get an Expense Manager App. No matter how you prefer to track your expenses, just remember to list all of it, every single purchase you have. Moreover, in listing your expenses, categorize them accordingly—food, transportation, rent, electric bills, etc. With this, you will be able to know where to cut down expenses if you need to.


Do smart buying

Although it might be tempting to get the latest gadget every pay-day, do resist it. Remember, not because the item is on sale, it means that you will save a certain amount for it. To avoid impulse buying, plan your expenses. It will be helpful if you postpone purchasing an item for a week or two, and if after that period you still have the need to buy the item, go ahead and do the purchase.



Go for ‘staycation’

Working with a changing work schedule, inbound call center agents surely need time to renew passion and strength for work but due to the schedule and big expenses, going into a ‘staycation’ instead of a grand vacation would be a better idea. Going into a ‘staycation’ means you can do a movie marathon to take a rest. You can also just read books all day if you want to. Moreover, unlike going out of town with your peers a couple of times in a year to restore strength and passion, going in a ‘staycation’ once in a while can save you a certain amount of money for transportation fare and pasalubong.


Do not do something you do not enjoy

Do you enjoy your job as an inbound call center agent? If yes, it is indeed a good thing for you but if not, maybe it is the time to consider taking a rest or finding another career. Why? It is because if you do not enjoy what you are doing, chances are you are always into rewarding yourself with luxuries. If you often feel tired and burn-out of your job, it does affect how you handle your money. On the other hand, if you enjoy your job you will more likely be able to make better financial decisions.


Saving money every pay-day is beneficial to every inbound call center agent. It does help in keeping finances in good condition. Moreover, doing these money saving tips does not only help you save finances but keeps your discipline which helps you move forward to a better lifestyle.